Brass Tacks: @Digital40Days

Total practices: 29 (Goal 40) (2013 40)
Total meditations:  7 (Goal 80) (2013 Like 3, I think.)
Diet: No. (Goal: None, I knew it wasn’t happening.) (2013 No)

Sad Yogi Jacked From:
Sad Yogi
Jacked From:

Lows: Copy/pasted from 2013: Stress-induced freak out in week 3 as practices went to 45 minutes with two 30-minute meditations a day; the panic I felt in the last four days of the challenge trying to catch up by doing 90 minutes of yoga before work, at lunch, and after work; the mental anguish I felt reconciling the fact that I would NOT get all 40 practices done in 40 days even though I was able to do it last year, and the embarrassment and moderate humiliation in facing down criticism from a friend who said I need to set more attainable goals.


Highs: Kind of sort of making progress on the float through from down dog to seated (pie in the sky fantasy yoga goal), Recovering much more quickly after both the 3M and Austin Half Marathons than I have in the past, and learning how to fit in a great class at my favorite studio on my lunch break.


Blobservations of your own?

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