Brass Tacks: Kerville 70.3

Total time:  7:33:19 (Goal 8:00:00)
Swim time:  00:41:49 (Goal 45:00)
Transition 1 time: 00:04:07 (Goal 5:00)
Ride time: 03:39:23 (Goal 04:00:00)
Transition 2 time: 00:04:20 (Goal 5:00)
Run time: 3:03:47 (Goal 03:00:00)

Age Group Division place: 16:18 (11th percentile)
Total Distance Participants Place: 250/320 (21st percentile)
Total Distance Gender Place: 86/118 (27th percentile)

Lows: The run was punishing, but I expected that. I thought that a 3-hour goal for a half marathon was ridiculously generous, but considering that those were hours 5-8 of racing, it got hot, the course was hilly, and I’d all but ignored my run training, it’s no surprise I didn’t make it. If I ever do this again, my goal would be to actually run the entire run, instead of slog-walk it. I would also focus better on speed instead of just endurance. I logged a ton of junk miles racking up a solid endurance base, which is necessary and good, but is still only half the battle. Next time (which at the finish line I swore there would never be), I would do shorter, high-intensity rides and runs to up my speed overall. In reality, endurance is just a mind-set anyway. Speed, on the other hand, takes some science.

Highs: This was my first time wearing a wetsuit and it was everything! I actually laughed (nearly choke-drowning) when I leapt off the dock and bounced in the water.

I was happy about finishing before course closure and besting the goal time. 15.3 mph over all 56 miles of the bike is actually great for me since that’s such a steady effort over a longer distance (even though I felt embarrassed for most of the ride to have been passed by virtually every other participant). I’m honestly just happy I kept the pace over 15 mph on the whole.

Such a thrill and motivator for those painful last three hours to see Superfans on every run loop.



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