Brass Tacks: Tri Rock Austin 2014

Goal times are based on Half Iron pacing.

Total time: 3:42:47  (Goal 3:43:00 )
Swim time:  33:49 (Goal 30:00 ) (2013 33:57 PR, BABY!)
Transition 1 time: 5:11 (Goal 5:00)
Ride time: 1:35:14 (Goal 2:04:00 )
Transition 2 time: 3:14 (Goal 5:00)
Run time: 1:25:17 (Goal 1:09:00) (2012 1:15:34)

Age Group Division place: 32/40 (20th percentile)
Total Distance Participants Place: 536/640 (16th percentile)
Total Distance Gender Place: 137/181 (25th percentile)

Lows: Much slower ride than I was planning on; had all the distance training killed my speed? Dismal run shows the total lack of training focus I applied there. In addition to performing way off my past Olympic times, the competition was much stiffer this year, so my placing is as low as it has ever been.

Highs: A killer no-suit swim time against obviously fit (and wet-suited) competition!


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