Brass Tacks: HITS Marble Falls Triathlon

Total time:  01:46:11
Swim time:  00:16:15 (21/96 88th Percentile!)
Transition 1 time: 00:3:19
Ride time: 51:09 (51/96 46th Percentile)
Transition 2 time: 00:03:28
Run time: 31:59 (62/96 35th Percentile)

Age Group Division place: 16:18 (11th percentile)
Total Distance Participants Place: 250/320 (21st percentile)
Total Distance Gender Place: 86/118 (27th percentile)

4th (out of 7!) in my age group

Lows: Completely missing the memo about the ride being point-to-point and not a loop. I did NOT plan on two transition points (!) which meant I had to throw all of my gear into a soaking crappy packet-pickup bag and schlep it with me on the ride. (At least I was recognizable on the course, right?)

My lack of focus on running training continues to shine through. It’s more of a bummer on this race since I was doing really well after the swim, and still pretty well after the ride. The girl who got 3d in my age group was almost exactly 2 min ahead of me — totally beatable! (That could have been my first time on the podium, if I’d only trained a little better. Ugh!)

Highs: I met a group of great gals standing around waist deep in chilly pre-dawn lake water waiting for the start who were kind enough to not totally freak me out by saying: “You know there are two transitions, right?” One of them even gave me a ride back to the start line to save me from biking it.

I felt pretty tough when I learned (a week later!) that I was pregnant! Baby’s first triathlon?



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