Brass Tacks: Hill Country Trivium 10K

Total Time: 01:27:24 (Goal: 01:26:06)
Split Pace: 00:13:36 (Goal: 00:13:50 )


Race Photos. Feeling for some odd reason internally compelled to run awkwardly past the photographer to (1) reduce the amount of picture-taking time he had, and (2) not look like a TOTAL slacker in the official race photos (even though I really was actually working my butt off!).

Coming in D.A.L. Being stared at like a pregnant freak by fellow racers and most of all by the medal table attendant when I waddled up and requested my medal 15 minutes after the last 10K finisher.


Crisp fall air. My times were definitely boosted by the drop in temperature. It was perfectly cool, not to cold, and the sunrise was stunning.

Pie! Finishers’ prize at this race included a buffet of 35 different kinds of pie from a legendary local bakery.



Blobservations of your own?

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