The 12 Days of Fitmas

BLOB Fitmas

While it may be the most wonderful time of the year, I find it — fitness wise — the most arduous.

It’s cold(er) out (In most places, not really so much in Texas.), making it difficult to motivate for outdoor workouts. This is especially true when, due to slow-moving late-stage pregnancy, the only way for you to burn more than 300 calories in fewer than two hours is to go swimming, and the pool by your office is outdoors. Although, if I’m honest, the temperature isn’t really the problem getting things done.

It’s the inverse relationship between available calories and available time at the holidays. I’m serious; it’s math. From Halloween, through Thanksgiving, and on into December all the way to Christmas there is a steady increase in the number of available calories just lying around (lying in wait, actually, with – like – malice aforethought). It starts with a few candy corns and maybe a co-worked ices some cookies or drops off some orange-stuffed Oreos. Then there are test recipes all November as people plan on upping their game hosting their families for Thanksgiving, then they resort to old standard calorie-bomb traditional recipes for the office Thanksgiving (damn you, broccoli cheese casserole!). Then it’s December and it’s like anything goes: cookies non-stop, candy canes, peppermint everything, flavored coffee creamers, hot cocoa, and these are just around the office. There are also annual dinners out with friends to catch-up and pass glad tidings, folks in from out of town, and cocktail parties.

Just as calories creep up, available time ebbs in exact proportion. Daylight steadily wanes, which shouldn’t bear all that heavily on working out except that if it’s hard to swim when it’s cold, it’s really hard to swim when it’s dark and cold. Then, any time you’re not spending finding, shopping for, testing, and refining new recipes for big family meals, you’re meeting up with friends and family to consume big family meals. Where you used to consume a reasonable amount of calories in a quick 45 min dinner, during the holidays you’re in a bar for two hours minimum annually catching up with friends and mowing through truffle fries, blistered shishitos, cranberry-laced flash-fried turkey sliders, and beer cheese fondue.

All of this to say it’s time again for the sort-of beloved, mostly resented annual tradition: The 12 Days of Fitmas.

In the past, this has meant only that I get in at least some exercise every day for 12 days running. This year, I’m trying to attend an actual fitness class every day for 12 days. Here’s the plan:




 12/9 Wanderlust Candlelight Vinyasa


 12/10 Core Power 1


 12/11 Sukha Yoga


 12/12 Black Swan Yoga


 12/13 Lululemon FREE Community Class
Wanderlust FREE Community Class


 12/14 BFree Candlelight Yoga


 12/15 Black Swan Yoga


 12/16 Blue Honey Yoga


 12/17 Black Swan Yoga
10  12/18 Practice Yoga Austin
11  12/19 Black Swan Yoga


 12/20 Lululemon FREE Community Class
Wanderlust FREE Community Class


Blobservations of your own?

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