12 Days of Fitmas Update: Halfway Day

Today marks the halfway point for the 12 Days of Fitmas, and so far I’ve missed one day.

I can’t decide whether doubling up with two classes this week is more or less in the spirit of Fitmas. On the one hand, this is my monthly challenge, and my usual approach is to finish come hell or high water (fa la la). On the other hand, grinding it out isn’t what this was supposed to be about. This was supposed to be about making a little time each day during an already overrun time of year to pause, reflect, and sweat it out. I’m not sure that goal is furthered by doubling up on another day. Nor am I sure the control freak in me can let it go.

BLOB Fitmas Control Freak

Here’s the Fitmas rundown so far:

DAY 1 – 12/9 Wanderlust Candlelight Vinyasa: Made it! If you’re in the Austin area and haven’t made this class lately (or ever), stop what you’re doing and pencil in time for this week. Worth it.

DAY 2 – 12/10 Core Power 1: Made it!

DAY 3 – 12/11 Sukha Yoga: Made it! (But just barely.) 15 min Vedic chanting session was the welcome selah I didn’t know I needed.

DAY 4 – Black Swan Yoga: Made it! 9:00 am on a Saturday. #committed

DAY 5 – Lululemon FREE Community Class AND Wanderlust FREE Community Class: Missed it. Both of them. But 3 hours cleaning out the garage instead is nothing to sneeze at. Right?

In other news, is Google inside my mind? Here’s today’s Google Doodle:

BKS Iyengar's 97th Birthday Doodle

Who else is celebrating the 12 Days of Fitmas?
How’s your record so far?
Is Google inside your mind?


Blobservations of your own?

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