Brass Tacks: The 12 Days of Fitmas 2015

santaHere’s the report from the downhill side of Fitmas 2015:

Day 6 – 12/14 BFree Candlelight Yoga: Missed it. After a stressful visit to the doctor to schedule an ECV for Li’l Blob, it suddenly became very real that the ECV could induce her arrival and cut almost three weeks of my remaining time to Get. Stuff. Done. I spent all afternoon careening between to-dos at the office, in the nursery, and at the house for the holidays. Finally, mid-afternoon, I sat down and undertook a massive prioritization session (more on that here if you’re a scheduling, prioritizing, goal-setting junkie). Four hours later I had a schedule I could stick to, but I finished it 15 minutes after this candlelight class started. Most disappointing: I don’t see another candlelight class on their schedule during Fitmas. Tough lesson in prioritizing.

Day 7 – 12/15 Black Swan Yoga: Missed it. One of my non-blob friends sent out a last-minute invite for a holiday dinner to get everyone together before we scatter to the all to balmy winds (#thanksElNino). Shockingly, every invitee responded affirmatively almost immediately. This holiday dinner — and once-in-a-lifetime chance to get everyone together at the same time and place, over the holidays, no less — simply couldn’t be missed. Another lesson in prioritizing.

Day 8 – 12/16 Blue Honey Yoga: Made it (and then some!)! This was the first time I’d attended a yin/restorative yoga class since Yoga Teacher Training in February, and only the second time I’d ever done it. It was really nice, and after a this crazy week (er, half-week) it was a perfect break. But that was how the day ended.

The day started with a 3.68 mile walk from home to Starbucks before work (see how that works: There’s the stick, but there’s also the carrot). Although the goal for Fitmas this year was to attend 12 classes out in the community, I decided that speed walking to pick up a peppermint mocha counted as Fitmas, too. What could be more fitmassy than sweating it out with a controversial war on Christmas red cup? Nothing. That’s why I’m counting this as Fitmas 5 (the day I missed yoga because I spent all afternoon organizing the garage, which I still think was beyond worth it).

After work, I also managed to squeeze in an additional yoga class at Black Swan since it’s only a block away from Blue Honey where I was headed anyway for the restorative yin class later. Squeezing that class in turned out to be a satisfying little serendipity because I got to take my first class with Brett. She put together a really thoughtful flow that included both theory and practice of sthira and sukha. After the 30-day yoga challenge last month, and most of Fitmas now done, too, it seems like every teacher in town is doing reversed-revolved warrior and supported side angle. Although Brett’s flow included both of those, she incorporated several complex mandalas (personal favorite of mine) and a warrior 1 > standing knee to chest > warrior 2 transition that I had never seen before. It was such a fun and different class! On top of being a really challenging and interesting class, this also let me cross of Fitmas Day 6; catching up!

Day 9 – 12/17 Black Swan Yoga. Skipped in favor of BFree Candlelight Yoga. It popped back up on their schedule after I missed it back on Day 6. Couldn’t have been happier to get in a warm practice on a (finally!) chilly night.

Day 10 – 12/18 Practice Yoga Austin.

Had so much fun (and so much less ankle swelling) after my speed walk to Starbuck earlier in the week that I went for a repeat. Chillier temperatures are still correlating to quicker pace, so I love taking advantage of that benefit, too. I’m counting this as Fitmas Day 7, which means I’m officially caught up with the overall Fitmas goal!

Day 11 – 12/19 Black Swan Yoga. Made it! After days of missing out on yoga, I felt very committed rising and shining for the first class offering of the day. And this before a

Day 12 – 12/20 Lululemon FREE Community Class. “Missed” it. After the massive GetStuffDone session earlier in the week, this was the day to knock out any and all remaining Christmas shopping. Since part of that mission took me to the mall anyway, I thought I’d drop in on the free community class at the Lululemon there and get two items off my list for the parking space of one.

It was on their web site, but when I arrived at the store they looked at me like I had three heads for inquiring about the status. I at first thought it was odd that they would hold a class mid-morning on what must certainly be one of their more massive sales days, but then thought: “No, that totally makes sense. They’re offering a break from the hustle and bustle; that’s so Lulu.” In fact, not. I took my three-headed self directly back out into the hustle and bustle and knocked out the rest of my shopping.

Day 12 – 12/22 Speed Walking for Spiced Latte. Made it! This is where Fitmas took a turn. I didn’t get one class out a day for 12 days, so I failed the original mission of Fitmas. But that happened back on Day 5, and I’d already decided to try for 12 classes out in 12 days, whether they happen one-per-day or not. Since I didn’t get the last two classes I needed by 12/20, that too was shot. At this point, I’m thinking twelve workouts in the month of December (at 9 months pregnant, no less!) is still darn good.

And with that, Fitmas 2015 is officially 100% complete and in the books.

Anyone else working holiday fitness goals? How’s progress going with the crush of other priorities, the impediment of poor winter weather, and the siren song of seasonal sweets?

I’m officially turning my focus from Fitmas to Christmas with the annual pre-preparation of a 10-lb homemade macaroni and cheese casserole.




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