Brass Tacks: Capital 10,000

Total Time: 01:10:21 (Goal: Finish vertical.)
Split Pace: 11:20/mile (Goal: Same, vertical.)


This course represents only the hilliest portion of the Austin Half Marathon, and that ain’t no joke. Says me, and I wasn’t even the one pushing the stroller. Shout out to The Superfan! The hills would have been hard enough if it hadn’t been for the humidity. We were swimming. Uphill. And all that would have been hard enough if it hadn’t been for all the people. I jokingly thought to myself during the race that Capital 10,000 must refer to the racers rather than a riff on 10K, as in kilometers. That was only until I checked our results online and learned there were more than 20,500 racers. All somehow within three paces of me, The Superfan, and our stroller.


Other than the tops of all those hills? (Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.) It was really fun being back for the first post-Bloblet race. Enjoyed for the first time a playlist it took all of maternity leave to curate. And if you think I resisted dressing the family in matching outfits for the Bloblet’s first race, then you haven’t been reading very closely.


Blobservations of your own?

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