Blob Movie Poster
Credit: Courtesy of the Theater Collection, Free Library of Philadelphia

Ok, so here’s the not-so-skinny on who I am and what I mean by “blob”:

I’m just like everyone else. Slightly above my ideal weight, sort of thinking about doing something about it, but never really seeing the results I imagine are tucked deceptively beneath some four-leafed clover, taped to the back of my giant check from Ed McMahon, or stuffed inside some genie’s lamp anxiously awaiting my rub.

“Blob,” on this blog refers more to a state of mind than a size of jeans. It incorporates the reluctance to work out even though I feel better when I do; the fear that I will never see real results; and the apparent incapability to resist terrible foods.

I think anyone can be a Blob, even if they look great by sane objective standards. Blob is not the way you look, it is the way you feel. If you are a Blob, it is my sincere hope that this will be a reality check reminding you that everyone feels Blob sometimes, and that if this Blob can make change, so can you.

Here we go, from Blob to Blog.



  1. I’m FINALLY having a free min to read your blog and freaking loving every word. I adore your definition of “blob” and plan to use this frequently moving forward. Couldn’t be better put.

  2. Hey, I just found your great blog!! My blog is/was for YEARS and then I finally decided the name no longer fit and I just recently switched it to I am a kindred spirit though, and now fighting a bit of post-holiday BLOB. I love your triathlete’s prayer and will be sharing that with the BoneIslandTri athletes on January 10, two days before their race.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I hear you about the post-holiday blob, and am laughing that you are an ex-blob yourself. Gives me hope! Good luck to the folks running Bone Island!

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