Bloblessness 2017 is a return to structured goal-setting after life has been in a blender these past two years. The goals of 2015 and 2016 were focused on surviving pregnancy and Baby Year One, so it’s fun and liberating to make the goal of 2017 to thrive. Less hunkering, regrouping, hatch-battening, and the like. Time now to reclaim ground with running, riding, and racing.

Clawing back into the hobby of running. It’s a long haul after hiking and walking through pregnancy and Bloblet’s first year. I’m looking forward to starting back at the sprint level with triathlon training: An opportunity to finally focus more on speed instead of just endurance where I was focused pre-Bloblet. I’m looking forward to new challenges and new types of training (and not spending 4 hours at a crack every time I go out!).

Nutrition continues to be an increasing focus. I’ve come from periodic dieting to now attempting the full lifestyle adjustment. I’ll still be tracking my calories as my goals shift from weight reduction and maintenance early in the year (ugh, austerity measures!) to performance fueling later on (bring back the snacks!). This will include a lot more meal planning and prep at home, which (combined with the overall reduction of wings and beer) will constitute the bulk of the lifestyle change since I’ve been of the “whatever’s clever” school of meal planning nearly all my life.

 I’m re-committing to my (lifelong!) project to read a biography of every American president, and am alternating those this year (finishing Washington, and catching up on Adams and Jefferson) with great fiction I’ve missed out on while having been preoccupied with Dr. Spock and Housewives bingeing. Like most folks, I suspect, I’ve become increasingly reliant on digital media like news feeds and podcasts, reducing my reading speed and comprehension dramatically. I’m looking forward to reversing some of that.

New this year is a concerted focus on adventure. We started the year in Hawaii for Bloblet’s first birthday with family, and that’s only the beginning. Laying plans for adventures great and small from near to far. Blob Voyage!

From running, riding, and racing to reading, and roving — there’s a little something old and lot of something new to take on this year.


  • RUN: 3M 13.1
  • READ: Washington Biography
  • BONUS: Weight Training 90-day challenge start
  • RUN: Austin 13.1
  • READ: City on Fire
  • BONUS: Class Pass Challenge (Barre/Soul Cycle)
  • RUN: Big Camping/Hike
  • READ: Adams Biography
  • BONUS: Weight Training 90-day challenge finish
  • RUN: Capital 10,000
  • READ: Curse of Lono
  • BONUS: Century bike ride
  • RUN: CapTexTri
  • READ: Jefferson Biography
  • BONUS: Travel Adventure
  • RUN: Maudie’s 5K
  • READ: Neapolitan Quartet: Book 1
  • BONUS: Swimming 30-Day Challenge
  • RUN: July 4th 5K
  • READ: <<Non-Fiction TBD>>
  • BONUS: Yoga 30-Day Challenge
  • RUN: Jack’s Generic Tri
  • READ: Neapolitan Quartet: Book 2
  • BONUS:
  • RUN: Tri Rock Austin
  • READ: <<Non-Fiction TBD>>
  • BONUS: Cleaning 30-Day Challenge
  • RUN: Run 4 H20 10 Miler
  • READ: Neapolitan Quartet: Book 3
  • BONUS: Cooking at Home 20-Day Challenge
  • RUN: Shiner 13.1; Trivium 10K
  • READ: <<Non-Fiction TBD>>
  • BONUS: Yoga 30-Day Challenge
  • RUN: Decker 13.1
  • READ: Neapolitan Quartet: Book 4
  • BONUS: 12 Days of Fitmas